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Imagine an abundance of wealth in every area of your life!  Discover why most people have invested in myths while searching for the fountain of youth.  Invest your time, energy and money wisely - and start getting real results!

It doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account if you have a life threatening or crippling disease!  Most people spend more than they have for more time in the end.  Health care costs have been doubling and tripling every ten years since 1950 - and are the #1 cause of Bankruptcy (75% of which have full coverage medical insurance)!

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Your Cells Can Regulate ALL 3,000 Survival Genes
& Produce Super Anti-Oxidant Enzymes
Glutathione, Catalase and SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)
Revolutionary Science!

According to Dr Joe McCord, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine four times, our cells have the ability to produce super anti-oxidant enzymes that can each eliminate up to "one million free radicals per second, every second, 24 hours a day", without being depleted!  This makes all other anti-oxidant products ('direct' anti-oxidants) pale in comparison - because one molecule of a 'direct' anti-oxidant only eliminates one free radical molecule and they are both eliminated in the process.  Everything that eats has to go to the bathroom, including our body cells, and every cell that lives on oxygen has the byproduct of free radicals.  Our cells have a gene that can be 'turned on' again so they can produce the same levels of super anti-oxidant enzymes as a healthy 20 year old, which is the same levels as found at birth!  Nrf2 activation has been scientifically proven to create 100% success for helping everyone in the 1st 2006 in vivo human peer-reviewed clinical study below, including an 80 year old!

There is very strong science behind this product for general health across the board and we don't make outrageous health claims for any particular disease.  We are just sharing the true science so you can connect the dots for yourself.

Here on this page, you don't have to take our word for it - you can do your own due diligence and discover for yourself these measureable results.  The videos below bring the studies to life for you in simple lay terms, and the links to the actual studies published in medical journals are made available (further down below) for your reference, as well as for your doctors reference.

Dr McCord explains the significance of the studies at Convention - April 2011

Nrf2 activation increases the efficiency and functionality of the life process of the cells - especially white blood cells and lymphocytes.  Our own cells are supposed to produce powerful anti-oxidant enzymes to naturally eliminate up to "one million free radicals per second, every second, 24 hours a day - without being depleted"!

Some quick questions and answers for you:
Is it simple?  Yes, just one tablet per day.
Is it affordable?  Yes, considering what it does, it's very affordable at $40 per bottle which includes a month supply.
Is it safe?  Yes, the formula includes five natural ingredients, some of which have been used for thousands of years and have no side-effects.

Diseases are named according to where the cells don't work (location), who discovered it (they want credit for it), and how it effects that part of the body (function) - so ask yourself this key question:  Does it really matter what the disease is called if you've gone beyond that to understand the life process of your cells?  You may want to think about this for a minute - if all of your cells are healthy, are you healthy or sick?  This is why we have such a positive attitude towards Nrf2 activation - it works with the life process of the cells.  The top universities across the country have voluntarily taken on the task of performing their own peer-reviewed case studies. About 9,000 studies show up for Nrf2 on pubmed.gov and Dr McCord's Nrf2 activation formula is the #1 most effective formula out there and has even been studied by Harvard..

Due to the nature of life and death diseases that people are faced with, no health claims are intended or implied.  However, we are in a very unique and powerful position because of all the independent case studies.  We're able to invite you to read them, because they will actually tell you things that we don't have the freedom to share with you here.  That's how powerful the studies are!  You may take the time to read the case studies to discover the scientific conclusions and facts for yourself - just be warned that they aren't a very easy read and Dr McCord explains each of them in simple lay terms as you watch the videos above.  Simply watch the videos and see what effective Nrf2 activation does!

The following studies, published in medical journals, are not easy for the lay public to read through, however they are available as an important reference for you and establish very strong science you can depend on.

2009 Luisiana State Peer-Reviewed Study 

"Oxidative stress is an important contributor to                development."
"The association between chronic inflammation and                is now well established."
"One important mechanism of inflammation-induced                is due to oxidative stress."
"Each of the five ingredients of ________ shows                          effects and other activities."

2009 Independent VCU Heart Study (pdf) 


Although this study published by the American Heart Association reveals the most powerful results we've ever seen for the #1 killer, Heart Failure, they have not done much of anything at all to promote it.  It has been said that even peer-reviewed studies are very political.  If the company that produces the product isn't at least helping to fund the study, they don't usually publish the name of nutritional supplements as this one does, because these organizations are also massively funded by the big pharma.

This study deserves to be on the front cover of every magazine and at the forefront of every television news broadcast, world wide.  Yet, even though it was published by the #1 recognized authority on Heart Failure, most cardiologists still haven't ever heard of it, 10 years later!!!

Pulmonary hypertension is a health condition characterized by high blood pressure in the circulation between the heart and lungs and can result in death due to right heart failure.  Animals pre-treated with Dr McCord's formula experienced strong cardioprotective effects.  

2010 Muscular Dystrophy Study 

2010 Louisiana State Peer-Reviewed Study 

2011 Ohio State University Peer-Reviewed Human Blood Vessel Study - and Press Release (pdf) 

"The lowering of C-reactive protein.  C-reactive protein is widely considered by doctors and researchers as an indicator of the amount of inflammation present in the body."

So there you have it.  Again, you are responsible for your own health.  We disclaim liability for anything these scientific case studies may say about specific diseases.  True wisdom says with the infinite amount of variables that exist in nature, we are all independantly responsible for our own health.  No one will know exactly what specific health benefits you will recieve, until you put it to the "acid test" for yourself.  We believe that your results will speak much louder to you than anything we could say anyway.

Other scientific case studies focused on various other diseases are in process and coming soon.  Again, these studies are so powerful - we believe they speak way louder than we can.  They are most revolutionary!

Most Revolutionary Discoveries EVER!  Nrf2 Activation equals BIG results!  If you're not willing to settle for less in life, this is for YOU!

Either we learn or we suffer, and NO ONE IS MEANT TO SUFFER.  We are meant to raise our intelligence and discover how powerful we really are!

When our time is up, it's up.  Between now and then, (while we are living) this is one of life's main lessons and it's so simple, too many people overlook it - either we suffer, or not.  You are about to learn how it's possible for people just like you to change your life and you too can live a rich, high performance, happy, healthy, and wonderful life.

It's easier working with hot iron than it is working with cold iron.  If you are struggling, you may not ever have to struggle like you have ever again.  This is a true Godsend in so many ways.

This science supports the belief that your body was created to heal itself, by divine design.  Are you ready to experience what Nrf2 activation will do for you and your loved ones?  If not now, when?

Our dynamic plan makes it possible for the average person to both save and make money while helping others.  It's our firm belief that we are blessed with success as we help others achieve it.

We invite you to experience a FREE live overview and join our team of beautiful, smart, and healthy people.

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This is a leadership development and empowerment company!  We're looking to help thousands of people like you go from employee to business/franchise owner, from coast to coast, and around the globe.  You have the right hardware, it's just a matter of having a teachable mindset and love in your heart.  That's what true friendship is all about.  Come meet a new growing family of true friends!

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