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Imagine an abundance of wealth in every area of your life!  Discover why most people have invested in myths while searching for the fountain of youth.  Invest your time, energy and money wisely - and start getting real results!

It doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account if you have a life threatening or crippling disease!  Most people spend more than they have for more time in the end.  Health care costs have been doubling and tripling every ten years since 1950 - and are the #1 cause of Bankruptcy (75% of which have full coverage medical insurance)!

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Stress is the thing that causes more health issues than anything else and most of that is because people are so busy chasing the dollar and they are trading time for dollars!

What's even more important than the money, is your time!  One of the important tools available to us who are working this business, are the online tools available.  Let our leaders do the heavy lifting for you!

Create more TIME to be with the people you want to be with and do the things you love to do, as well as the money to do it!

With such a big focus on antioxidants, redox signaling, and Nrf2 activation the past fifteen years, many scientists agree that they are the biggest factors in the aging vs regeneration process.  Even some of the biggest name brand companies which most people have known to sell products that make you sick are now claiming to be putting antioxidants in those same products.

Way too many companies have been promoting a myth, and more and more people have been spending money on that myth!

Over 99% of all products which claim to have an antioxidant benefit DO NOT!

Stop spending money on consumable products that don't really offer a benefit at all!

How can you tell if you are you spending money on such products that don't really have an antioxidant benefit?

Over 99% of all products on the market today that claim an antioxidant benefit rely on the 'Orac Scale'.  However, every single 'direct - plant based antioxidant' which is everything based on the 'Orac Scale' doesn't really have an antioxidant benefit!  Direct antioxioxidants don't work because they can only eliminate on a 1:1 ratio meaning that 1 'direct plant based antioxidant', if it is activated, can eliminate up to only 1 free radical and then they are both depleted!

Again, plant based direct antioxidants, such as those found in wild blueberries, goji berries and acai berries, don't really have an antioxidant benefit, when you consider all the facts.  Everything based on the Orac Scale, is for direct antioxidants which all have a 1:1 ratio, meaning that 1 molecule of an antioxidant can eliminate up to 1 free radical molecule and they are both depleted in the process - both cancelled out.

So if you purchase a shake that happens to have upwards of 5,000 direct antioxidants (this is about the highest Orac scale rating any product has ever recieved), and if they do all become activated then they have the potential to eliminate up to 5,000 free radicals and then they are all depleted.  So you would have to drink 200 of those shakes per second, every second, to try to keep up with one single molecule of SOD, Glutathione, or Catylase, which can eliminate at the ratio of 1,000,000 per second (that's right - one million per second) every second.  Are you convinced which is the only sufficient option yet?

You produce more free radicals by digesting and assimilating an orange than the antioxidant value of the orange!

The BIG problem is the 70 to 100 trillion cells you have in your body that all live on oxygen are each producing a free radical molecule as a natural byproduct each time they cycle!!

On the other hand, your body's cells, especially your white blood cells and lymphocytes, have the ability to produce 'super antioxidant enzymes' that can eliminate the free radicals at a 1:1,000,000 per second ratio (without being depleted) every second 24 hours per day!  These 'super antioxidant enzymes' are SOD (Super Oxide Dysmutase), Glutathione, and Catalase just to name a few and we produce about 30 of these 'super antioxidant enzymes' - all of which Nrf2 regulates.  Nrf2 is 'The Master Regulator' for all 3,000 disease mechanism genes, aka the 'Survival Genes'.

The power of the science is in the math and the smallest math is that over the past 1,000 years, pharmaceutical drugs have only targeted 1 of the 3,000 survival genes, our Nrf2 does ALL 3,000! Plus, you would have to drink 200 of those 5,000 antioxidant Orac rated shakes per second to keep up with even one molecule of SOD produced by only one of your trillions of cells, which would be like wrapping your mouth around 7 fire hoses and turning them all on full blast - and would produce obvious side effects from trying to solve the problem the wrong way!  Need we say more?

It seems very clear to us that Nrf2 activation is the only logical solution.

Dr Joe McCord discovered the SOD enzyme about 50 years ago and one SOD enzyme can eliminate up to 1 million free radicals per second, every second after every second, 24 hours per day!  It is especially our white blood cells and lymphocytes that have the special ability to naturally produce these 'super antioxidant enzymes' - however, the master regulator gene (Nrf2) responsible for their production typically starts shutting off after the age of 20.  So by the time people reach their mid 40's they're typically beginning to experience some real aging issues.

Dr Joe McCord also refined the scientific formulas and has been nominated for 4 Nobel Prizes in Medicine.  Taking just one herbal pill per day turns Nrf2 back on again so effectively, 100% of everybody at every age produces the 'super antioxidant enzymes' again and lowers their levels of oxidative stress an average of 40%, within 30 days!  This has been publish in the top medical journal!

Again, Dr McCord's scientific formula targets and turns Nrf2 back on in your cells, especially your white blood cells and lymphocytes, so you can produce your own 'super antioxidant enzymes' at the same rates as a healthy 20 year old.  According to the studies, 100% of everybody (including an 80 year old) is returned to the oxidative stress levels of a 20 year old within just 30 days.

Just because you get your blood healthy doesn't mean you'll be completely out of the woods in 30 days.  It can take six to seven months or longer for some people to really begin to see some of the long term positive effects of formula.  Dr Stephen West said, "I understood it so I stuck with it and over time the very subtle results became more and more obvious."

Dr West said, "The first 3 months of being on the product, I noticed an abundance of subtle energy, little by little, had built up to something more significant and I was feeling really good.  Missing a meal two or three times a week (or more) went almost un-noticed as I was traveling and very busy.  During a lunch break in the middle of a Saturday workshop in Huntington Beach, CA, someone asked me if I was hungry and I said, 'Not really' and it was then that I realized it had been 24 hours since I had eaten anything. That was a first

I've always believed in leading by example and have done my best to stay healthy by living in alignment with the pure laws and principles of nature - with as little supplements as possible. Since I'd never been on any nutritional supplement every single day for more than 3 months in my entire life, this was sort of a big deal to me.  My body wasn't rejecting the product at all, but I thought I'd go off the product for about a week, just as an experiment, to see if I would crash or if I would be able to actually maintain the increased energy without physically taking the product anymore.

During the 3 to 6 month period, the benefits I experienced began to increase more dynamically as I lost over 15 pounds, without even expecting to, and it's been over 10 years since I've been at or below 190 lbs.  Then I lost a few more pounds the following month and I continue my active physical routines, conscious eating habits, etc. Dr McCord's product has certainly made life easier for me and no single nutritional supplement has had a more positive impact on my health."

There are many other success stories pouring in around the country as it has applications for the entire spectrum if health issues.

Nrf2 activation works differently than anything you've ever experienced or studied yet it's no suprise to find a few other companies claiming to have products that do the same exact thing, without having the science published in a medical journal to back it up, because nothing does the same thing.  And who wants to recommend a competitors product with chlorinated pool water and table salt as it's ingredients, without having any human experience to validate any safety!  Why take unnecessary risks?  We have to help people get the importance of getting the absolute truth of things.  While the individual herbs have thousands of years of human experience with no known negative effects at the low dosage of one pill per day and that's all it takes to turn that key gene back on!

According to the studies, 100% of everyone is able to reduce the oxidative stress levels found in their blood stream back to the levels of a healthy 20 year old, which is the same as found in a healthy new born baby (within 30 days).  That doesn't mean that they have given their body a chance to regenerate it's weak spots yet.  And that's why it takes further understanding what it takes to transition back to health for people to see why they may need to be on the product for at least 6 months to really see what it's able to accomplish for them.

It's a very subtle product because the energy the cells normally produce is a very subtle energy (.7 to .9 millivolts for each cell) that only builds up after we remove the excess burden of oxidative stress from the body.

We're talking about patching what many scientists consider to be the biggest hole in the bottom of our boat and the biggest contributor to the aging process as a whole free radical damage.

23 different independent studies by different independent universities began over 20 years ago and now many of them have been completed and are published, all on different diseases which names we've been told not to disclose on our websites, but we can point you to them so you can discover them for yourself.

Dr West says, "I recommend you study the science for yourself - it's revolutionary!  It's changing the way people are thinking about solving their health problems forever!  If you think it's expensive, think again - this product has saved me money on the cost of food alone and suprise health care costs are the #1 cause of bankrupcy!"

Here's some questions to ask yourself:

How much money do you spend each month on food?
(After 3 months Dr West noticed that the savings in food costs alone was paying for the product.)

How much money are you spending on other so called antioxidants that don't work?

How would you feel about aging like a 20 year old, on the inside?

Are you ready to experience this revolutionary new technology for yourself?

Do you keep your business options open for multiple streams of income?

Want more scientific proof?  We have it!  Access the independent studies and watch the videos of Dr Joe McCord who explains the significance of the peer-reviewed medical research studies in simple lay terms.  

Contact us for more information about enrolling and ordering the product at wholesale.

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